Our Story

Born out of a passion for great tasting food,

the American Ranch brand brings you the best

in American style, crispy coated,

100% chicken breast products.

Everything from family favourites like

battered nuggets & burgers through to contemporary

mouth-watering, crispy coated fillets & goujons.

The range makes irresistible family meals quick & easy to prepare,

simply cook our products from frozen in the oven or fryer.

Check out our Ranch Recipes to see how quick and easy it really 

is to make great tasting food at mealtimes.

Look out for the American Ranch range in the freezer

aisle of national and independent retailers across the UK.

Feast for the family

Available in both convienience and family packs the Ranch has something the whole family will enjoy.

Ranch Ready

All our products come fully cooked and are ready to be placed straight in the oven for a great tasting meal every time.

This ain't our first rodeo

Established in 1989 we have garnered a reputation for providing the finest food across the UK.